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LaunchPad Testimonial

LaunchPad is proud to have a strong following of dedicated users who tell us they could not function or do their work without the use of the LaunchPad Keypad. They have come to realize the benefits, ease of use and overall speed that LaunchPad brings to them in their drafting, drawing, engineering and modeling applications. With this in mind, we currently feature some of our users’ testimonials on the LaunchPad website, They are found under the “Testimonials” tab and highlight a variety of LaunchPad users with different levels of experience.

We wanted to share some of the enthusiasm of our users and decided to feature an occasional testimonial here on the blog so that others can see what the existing users have to say about the product. It truly is a valuable input tool (with built-in software) that increases speed and productivity for users in the architectural, engineering, design and modeling fields.

Here’s what one of our users had to say:

“I have always used LaunchPad with AutoCAD because it is simply the fastest way to input commands. No one can keep up with an accomplished LaunchPad user and, with a relatively small effort, it is easy to become one. Now with the ability to work with SketchUp, Revit and Photoshop, I am using LaunchPad to speed up my work in those applications as well.

My advice: Buy a LaunchPad and use it. If you make the effort to become proficient with it, you will see a huge increase in your productivity and soon enough you will be saying the same thing I have been saying for years: “I couldn’t live without it.””

Tim Reader Tim Reader Design Phoenix, AZ (20 year user)

If you would like to see more testimonials, check out the LaunchPad website!

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A Daily 3D News Publication to Explore

We came upon this interesting news publication that we wanted to share with you as another resource to take advantage of. It’s a daily online newspaper called SketchUpArtists London Daily. It’s updated every 24 hours and is created by, which is a site developed for the benefit of professional SketchUp users and computer graphics artists.

The publication is full of daily posts from users and others in the SketchUp and 3D design industry. Because the site is regularly updated, it contains the most recent and relevant news, articles, blog posts, videos and photos that are shared on such sites as Twitter, Facebook, SketchUp blogs, and the site. The newspaper site covers Headlines, Technology, Media, Stories, Education, Photos, Leisure and Environment. There are discussions and how to’s relating to SketchUp, Photoshop, rendering, BIM and much more. The site even contains an Archive button that allows you to review previous editions that you may have missed.

So, if you’re a user of SketchUp and other 3D design tools, and want to see “at a glance” what others are saying and doing in the industry, it’s definitely worth checking out. Hats off to SketchUpArtists for bringing it to us.

The publication can be found at SketchUpArtists London Daily. Enjoy the news!

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LaunchPad v2010c Update Nears Completion!

LaunchPad is pleased to announce that we are very close to releasing our latest update to the v2010 software. This update will be designated as LaunchPad v2010c and is an enormous update over the last v2010 release. It is currently in the BETA phase of testing, being tested by a small group of very talented and experienced LaunchPad users, as well as one new user who is able to add some fresh perspective to the mix. The testers are putting it through the paces to allow us to bring you the best update possible!

The v2010c update brings together many key enhancements and offers many new features and optimizations that are specific to AutoCAD. Once complete, this update will further evolve v2010 into a very stable release. This update also introduces our new, one of a kind and powerful KeyinEditor that creates a complete input dataset collection for the new LaunchPad Universal Input System. The system will have pre-built macrosets that are aligned with each other wherein similar commands share a common keyin value. Also, there is the grouping of various drawing products based on a user’s discipline or field of work. For example: “BIM Modeler” group is an aligned collection of Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD, along with Adobe Photoshop. When a user decides which discipline group he or she belongs to, additional drawing products can be added to the overall data collection that is specifically designed for the individual user. Also, the Editor allows a user to work and edit within various products simultaneously. This feature has never been offered before and is completely unique to LaunchPad.

All existing users who upgraded to the v2010 LaunchPad software will receive v2010c absolutely free in approximately two weeks. This is an update that should be well received. Our testers are tweaking it out in terms of optimal usage and are giving us great feedback. They are noticing that it is very responsive and that prior bugs have been eliminated. They are finding that new and useful tools have been introduced to enhance input speed and ease of use within many different applications.

We will keep you posted on the v2010c release status and will be sending it to all existing users who are eligible upon completion, so stay tuned . . .

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SketchUcation “CatchUp” magazine, Edition 2 Now Available

The latest installment of the SketchUcation Community News “CatchUp” magazine, Edition 2 is now available on the SketchUcation website.  In line with their Edition 1, there are some interesting articles and product features to be checked out!

You can see the magazine by clicking here:

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A Great New Magazine for SketchUp Users!

Because LaunchPad supports a wide variety of drafting, drawing and modeling software applications, we’re constantly on the lookout for articles, publications, books, websites and other relevant information relating to the products we support.  We look for things that will help keep you informed and enlightened on these products, and also assist you in the growth and enhancement of what you’re currently doing in your own work discipline, if that’s your goal.  We strive to be a valuable resource to our LaunchPad community so that you can better utilize the applications that are available to you with your LaunchPad keypad as the driving input device behind them.    

As most of you already know, we were excited to include Google™ SketchUp™ as one of our many supported modeling products in the LaunchPad v2010 update release. We continue to see the trend in the movement towards more 3D modeling in the industry and wanted to be able to bring this and other products to you with the same ease of use, benefits, and accessibility that you enjoy in using LaunchPad with 2D applications. We’re happy to see so many of our traditional LaunchPad CAD users getting on board and migrating over to the 3D applications, including the use of SketchUp! We’ve been hearing from you on how SketchUp enhances your work product, brings you benefits in relaying design concepts, and contributes to securing projects with clients. We’re also glad LaunchPad is helping to make this transition into 3D easier.

With this in mind, we recently came upon a resource that we thought might be valuable to you in using SketchUp and wanted to share it. It’s an online magazine publication on the SketchUcation website called “CatchUp – SketchUcation Community News.” For those of you who are not familiar with the website, SketchUcation is a site for all things related to Google SketchUp and is referred to as “The friendly place for your Google SketchUp needs.” It certainly is, and it’s a great resource for SketchUp users. The site contains Forums, Plug-ins, Tutorials, Galleries, “The Daily CatchUp” – for daily news updates, Beginner Tips, and more. It’s full of great information and we recommend that you check it out at You may discover things that are helpful to you in your SketchUp endeavors.

SketchUcation’s “maiden” issue of the publication “CatchUp – Edition 1” was introduced on 2/28/11, with more editions to follow.  We found the periodical to be filled with interesting and useful articles for SketchUp users, along with great pictorials, product features and tips and tricks. SketchUcation describes CatchUp – Edition 1 as being “packed with community driven articles from some of our most talented members. You’ll find an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look at some of the most popular threads, plugins and tutorials that lit up the forums over last few weeks.” Some of the featured content in the issue includes: ShaderLight Interview with Kate Marshall, ‘A Day at the Museum’ with Shane Fletcher, Character Modeling by Eric Lay, Axeonalias Interview, oStylus Hands On with Mike, FotoSketcher, Artisan Hands On, LayOut Tips and Tricks, Learn with Lemire, and more. The magazine is in a PDF format and can be viewed here: CatchUp – Edition 1, on the SketchUcation website.

We encourage you to check out the publication and the SketchUcation website to see what others are saying and doing with SketchUp, and learn more about what it can do for you. It’s definitely worth the look! Remember, LaunchPad supports SketchUp with the Basic XT, PRO LT, and PRO XT keypads, and SketchUp is a FREE product to download.  If you’re interested in using 3D products with your LaunchPad keypad, you can visit the LaunchPad website at for more information on our selection of keypads, software and the many products we support. 

Also, if you would like to stay connected to LaunchPad’s weekly assortment of resource mentions, including SketchUp, you can receive LaunchPad’s Facebook posts in your FB newsfeed by “liking” the LaunchPad page at and follow us on Twitter at  We regularly feature LaunchPad and supported product related happenings, updates, tutorials, links and the like, to keep you in the information loop.  We invite you to join our LaunchPad community for regular updates.

We hope you enjoy the SketchUp publication!

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Top Reasons for Using LaunchPad

Attention: Architects, Engineers and Designers!

Here are 5 Good Reasons why LaunchPad should be an essential tool in your drafting and drawing applications:

1)   Enhances Input Speed and Productivity – by minimizing the keystrokes and distances involved in entering input commands, LaunchPad makes you faster, more efficient, and allows you to create/produce more work.

2)   Supports most Autodesk® and Adobe Products® – such as Photoshop®, AutoCAD® Architecture, Revit®, 3dsMax®, as well as Google® SketchUp®,  applications that can move you into the increasingly popular and essential realms of 3D modeling.

3)  Improves Ease of Use in Applications – with a universal command input system, as well as command editor for all programs, Launchpad allows for an easier and more simplified way of entering commands across the board and throughout a variety of different programs.

4)  Creates an Ergonomic Drafting Environment – allowing you to keep one hand on the keypad and one hand on the mouse, with the eyes focused on the work/screen.

5)  Portable on Any Supported Computers – the same keypad can be used on multiple computers such as an office computer, home computer, laptop, etc., with only one purchased code.

The list is even longer, but we chose to highlight 5 reasons for now.  When you take these considerations into account, you can see why LaunchPad is able to help transform the way you work.  You become better at what you do and more competitive through the use of the newly supported and diversified products that can propel you forward.

We’re hearing from many architects in the field who value and continue to praise using the LaunchPad KeyPad.  In fact, if you’d like to hear directly from some of them, please check out our “Testimonial” page on the website.  Our users say it all and now they’re even more excited over the 3D applications that LaunchPad supports.  They see and understand how adding these new applications into their drafting and drawing environments can improve their skills and take them further in their professions by giving them a competitive edge in moving from 2D vector based drawings to 3D modeling based drawings.

LaunchPad makes learning these applications easy with its universal input system that crosses over into each of the different applications.   For example, there is an editor with a command screen, component screen and materials screen that applies to products like SketchUp®, Photoshop® and AutoCAD® products.  LaunchPad users who are beginning to include these new applications into their work are reporting positive experiences and EXCITEMENT over just how easy they are to implement and use, with very impressive results!  They see the potential for advancing themselves among other architects in the industry and with their clients through the production of enhanced, quality representations and renderings of their drawings and house plans, etc.

So, if you are a LaunchPad user, you may want to consider some of these new applications yourself.  And, if you’re new to LaunchPad, then now is the time to try it.  The benefits you receive with LaunchPad will only continue to grow!  To find out more about LaunchPad and what it can do for you, check out the website at:

We will be bringing you more technical information, videos with examples and demonstrations, and answers to some of the “how to” questions and scenarios in using LaunchPad with different applications.  So, stay tuned…

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LaunchPad has a New Website and Social Media Linkage

LaunchPad has a completely new and expanded website that is the central location for everything you need to know about LaunchPad!  It displays the products offered, user guides, tutorials, videos, a purchase/buy page, and provides access to the Support Desk, Blog Site, social media networks, and much more.  The website is not only visual with graphics, but rich with valuable information about LaunchPad and its features and benefits.

All of the software products supported by LaunchPad are listed within the “Drafting,” “Drawing” and “Modeling” frameworks that they support and can be viewed on the designated left “tabs” on the webpage.  The “Supported Apps” and “Hardware/Colors” tabs, found on the bottom of the website homepage, highlight the four types of Keypads that are now available, and detail the differences between them.  The site also includes page tabs for “Keymodes,” “Pad Specs,” the current “Software” options and provide in depth information and graphical examples of the LaunchPad Keypad and its functionality .

Statistical information and demonstration examples are also offered that depict and support the input speed and value of using LaunchPad.  This information can be found under the “LaunchPad ROI,” “Key Statistics,” and “Demo Stats” tabs located along the bottom of the website home page.  In these pages, the return on investment is calculated for using LaunchPad, a comparison of keystroke savings and distance input savings is offered, and a demonstration comparison is provided for drawing a bathroom using other methods, and with using LaunchPad.  These pages are a must see for the benefits achieved by using LaunchPad!

A “Feature Matrix” tab is also included, among the bottom tabs on the home page, that summarizes in graph form the various features that are available with each keypad type and the software supported by each.  This one page, “at a glance” chart of information really brings the differences together for the products now available.  It helps users make informed decisions regarding which LaunchPad products are right for them and their individual needs.

Also located throughout the pages on the site are learning and tutorial PDF documents and videos full of helpful information, along with guides for Getting Started, Using the Keypad, and other User Guides for each of the Software Applications supported.  The Getting Started Guide makes installation of the software easy, with step by step instructions and illustrations, and the other guides offer detailed and graphic instructions on using the product as well.  There’s a newly created Support Desk Site for “help” questions from customers with a FAQ section that offers on-going guidance and technical support to Launchpad users.  To complement the guides, a LaunchPad video site is now available on YouTube that will provide instructional and tutorial videos on using the product.

A Purchase screen has also been added to the website that allows for the products to be purchased safely and securely online through PayPal.  This online purchasing option provides increased convenience for our customers, and most major credit cards are accepted, along with a PayPal purchase option.  It is now simple and easy to make an immediate LaunchPad purchase online.

Visit the LaunchPad Website to further explore the above content offered through the “tabbed” pages referenced on the website home page.

We’re also proud to announce the addition of a LaunchPad Blog Site on the website!  The blog will be used as a forum for interactive sharing of information, ideas, articles, the answering of questions, and for providing status updates on the product, etc.  Click here to go to the Blog Site.

Lastly, LaunchPad is now socially connected!  We are connected to several social media network sites to allow for ongoing contact and communication with and between customers regarding LaunchPad products, services, and the industry in general.  LaunchPad can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, and followed on Twitter.  The Blog Site and Support Desk site are also available.  In addition, the LaunchPad email newsletter can be easily joined, or subscribed to, for regular email updates, promotional offers, and useful information (Join Here).  We want you to stay connected with the LaunchPad community and look forward to hearing from you!  See our social network Links at the bottom of this newsletter to go directly to the sites.

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New Release…PRO Accelerator Keypad

LaunchPad has released a new model of its Accelerator Keypad!  A PRO version of the keypad is now offered that expands the supported product base to include a series of Adobe® products, as well as 3D modeling software by Autodesk®.  These applications are all new additions to the LaunchPad supported products list and can only be accessed with a PRO keypad.

The PRO Keypad is a 20 button vs. 18 button keypad with many additional features, options and advantages over the BASIC Keypad.  For example, it utilizes a quiet key system, it also has exceptionally durable keys (injected plastic numbers) that are custom manufactured on cherry key mounts for extra longevity and use (rated for 50 million impressions), it contains a completely redesigned internal chassis, and it offers countless command modes of operation that are needed in the more complex graphic and modeling applications on the market that are not supported by the BASIC Keypad.  Because of its enhanced design features, it also comes with a two year extended warranty.  The PRO will definitely “launch” you forward into the deeper product base found in today’s leading drafting and drawing programs!

For more information on the PRO Accelerator Keypad, visit the website at and go to the “Pad Specs” tab for visual and written descriptions of both the internal and external features of the PRO Keypad.  The software applications supported by the PRO are listed under the “Software” tab on the website, and they are also listed below for quick reference.  There is an additional downloadable PDF document describing the PRO and the three other keypads available, with their differences detailed.  It can be found by clicking here (Product PDF).

Below is the entire list of PRO Keypad supported product groups:

DRAFTING Group (download PDF)

Autodesk® AutoCAD® -  (v2008) R14..2006,  (v2010) R14..Release 2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® AutoCAD® LT® (v2008) R14..2006, (v2010) R14..Release 2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® AutoCAD® MEP® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) New Releases 2010..2012

Autodesk® Land Desktop® (v2008) 2004..2009,  (v2010) 2004..2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Structure® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) New Releases 2010..2012

Autodesk® ADT® (v2008) 2004..2006,  (v2010) 2004..2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Architecture® (v2008) 2007..2009,  (v2010) 2007..2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Civil3D® (v2008) 2005..2009,  (v2010) 2005..2009, New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

DRAWING Group (download PDF)

Adobe® Photoshop®  (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

Adobe® Illustrator® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

Adobe® Dreamweaver® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

Adobe® InDesign® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

Adobe® Fireworks® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

Adobe® Flash® *  -  (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases CS3, CS4 & CS5

MODELING Group (download PDF)

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Revit® MEP (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Revit® Structure (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Maya® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® 3DStudio MAX® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Inventor® (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 2010, 2011, 2012

Autodesk® Impression®  -  (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Release 3

Google® Sketchup®  -  (v2008) n/a,  (v2010) (prior not supported), New Releases 7.0

* (Requires PRO Keypad)

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LaunchPad Isn’t Just for AutoCAD® Anymore

Are you concerned about the industry and current trends in today’s Architectural, Engineering and Design markets?  Do you need to enhance your skill set and job performance?  Would you like to strengthen and expand your product knowledge base to increase your creativity and level of competiveness through the quality of the end product you produce (i.e., colored renderings, 3D modeling, digital walkthroughs, etc., as opposed to 2D vector based drawings)?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then LaunchPad can be a valuable tool to help expand your current talent base and take you into the latest trends in the CAD industry today.

What are the trends?  Today’s Architects and Engineers are feeling the pressure, whether by the client or the new requirements in design, to utilize more of the available modeling and graphical products on the market today.  Users who are feeling the pinch of these trends are under extreme pressure to learn these new products, as well as the new concepts that are foreign to them, since 2D is all they have known.  LaunchPad driven Google® SketchUp® and Autodesk® Revit® are just two examples of newly supported products that can enhance your skills and, at the same time, make use of LaunchPad’s simplified input command macros and functions.

LaunchPad has made it its goal to neutralize the input method for all of these various products to a common input system.  Instead of working with a hotkey based system (i.e., Photoshop®), an alias or command line system (i.e., AutoCAD®), or an icon/menu based system (i.e., SketchUp®), LaunchPad has neutralized the input system to one mode of input for all products.

For example, drawing a line in three different products may look something like this:

1)  In AutoCAD®, it might be {Esc} {Esc} L {Enter}.

2)  In Photoshop®, a designated hotkey {Ctrl} L.

3)  In SketchUp®, either selecting an icon, or typing L on the keyboard.

With LaunchPad, all of these commands can be entered by only pressing a 55 on the keypad.  Commands are entered using LaunchPad with one hand, the other hand never leaves the mouse, and the eyes and mouse never leave the work.  And, yes, there are a variety of ways to enter commands in each of these products, but when it comes to a user needing to utilize two to five products at a time, the myriad of methods further expand the required retention level needed and additional key strokes required.  LaunchPad simplifies the input process and makes it relatively universal for each of the products being used, thus making it faster, easier and more functional for the user.

LaunchPad will not only simplify the use of more complex applications that may be introduced into your work, but it will pay for itself in very little time.  (See the “LaunchPad ROI” (Return on Investment) tab, “Key Counts” tab and “Demo Stats” tab on the website to find out how.)  LaunchPad will increase your production time, improve your drawing experience, simplify the process, and continue to make you money well into your career.  To hear what some of our experienced users have to say, check out the “Testimonial” tab on the website.  User comments only reinforce the value of the product.  Even in these trying times, LaunchPad truly is an investment in your future, and will take you well beyond standard AutoCAD®.

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LaunchPad v2010 (x32/x64) Update is Here!

The long awaited LaunchPad v2010 update has arrived!  This is the biggest value added software update ever offered by LaunchPad.  The v2010 update now supports 32 and 64 bit Windows®, under Vista® and Windows7®, and also supports Autodesk® Revit® and Google® SketchUp® applications.  There are a host of other applications that are also available (i.e., Photoshop, 3dsMax, etc.) with the purchase of a PRO Accelerator Keypad.  For more details, see “Pro Accelerator” Keypad article.  Other upgrades have also been added, including enhanced key in speed, key rolling, and technical fixes.  The LaunchPad interface has also been redesigned to facilitate input speed and ease of use, thus making it more simplified and user friendly.

The installation process has been updated and made easy with step by step instructions and helpful guides.  This new process and licensing scheme now make LaunchPad even more portable than ever.  The installation code that comes with the LaunchPad software is usable on both 32 & 64 bit operating systems and can be used with any computer that the keypad is connected to.  This means that you can use LaunchPad on your work/office computer, on your laptop (especially if you travel or use it in the field), and on your home computer, with just the initial one time code that’s generated and saved in a file.

The v2008 software continues to be available as a FREE download for existing users with LaunchPad keypads.  It does, however, limit your use of the product with only versions R14 to R2006 AutoCAD.  Newer versions will require the v2010 update.  The v2010 software update is available for purchase and is included FREE with any new keypad purchase.  This bundled update is offered at an incredibly affordable price for the value included and is a must for professional LaunchPad users of today.  There are now four different accelerator keypad models to choose from as well, all with different features and reasonable pricing.

To find out more about the update, visit the website at:, and if you’re interested in purchasing the v2010 update, or a new keypad, please visit the “Purchase” tab on the website.

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