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LaunchPad Isn’t Just for AutoCAD® Anymore

Are you concerned about the industry and current trends in today’s Architectural, Engineering and Design markets?  Do you need to enhance your skill set and job performance?  Would you like to strengthen and expand your product knowledge base to increase your creativity and level of competiveness through the quality of the end product you produce (i.e., colored renderings, 3D modeling, digital walkthroughs, etc., as opposed to 2D vector based drawings)?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then LaunchPad can be a valuable tool to help expand your current talent base and take you into the latest trends in the CAD industry today.

What are the trends?  Today’s Architects and Engineers are feeling the pressure, whether by the client or the new requirements in design, to utilize more of the available modeling and graphical products on the market today.  Users who are feeling the pinch of these trends are under extreme pressure to learn these new products, as well as the new concepts that are foreign to them, since 2D is all they have known.  LaunchPad driven Google® SketchUp® and Autodesk® Revit® are just two examples of newly supported products that can enhance your skills and, at the same time, make use of LaunchPad’s simplified input command macros and functions.

LaunchPad has made it its goal to neutralize the input method for all of these various products to a common input system.  Instead of working with a hotkey based system (i.e., Photoshop®), an alias or command line system (i.e., AutoCAD®), or an icon/menu based system (i.e., SketchUp®), LaunchPad has neutralized the input system to one mode of input for all products.

For example, drawing a line in three different products may look something like this:

1)  In AutoCAD®, it might be {Esc} {Esc} L {Enter}.

2)  In Photoshop®, a designated hotkey {Ctrl} L.

3)  In SketchUp®, either selecting an icon, or typing L on the keyboard.

With LaunchPad, all of these commands can be entered by only pressing a 55 on the keypad.  Commands are entered using LaunchPad with one hand, the other hand never leaves the mouse, and the eyes and mouse never leave the work.  And, yes, there are a variety of ways to enter commands in each of these products, but when it comes to a user needing to utilize two to five products at a time, the myriad of methods further expand the required retention level needed and additional key strokes required.  LaunchPad simplifies the input process and makes it relatively universal for each of the products being used, thus making it faster, easier and more functional for the user.

LaunchPad will not only simplify the use of more complex applications that may be introduced into your work, but it will pay for itself in very little time.  (See the “LaunchPad ROI” (Return on Investment) tab, “Key Counts” tab and “Demo Stats” tab on the website to find out how.)  LaunchPad will increase your production time, improve your drawing experience, simplify the process, and continue to make you money well into your career.  To hear what some of our experienced users have to say, check out the “Testimonial” tab on the website.  User comments only reinforce the value of the product.  Even in these trying times, LaunchPad truly is an investment in your future, and will take you well beyond standard AutoCAD®.

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