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LaunchPad has a New Website and Social Media Linkage

LaunchPad has a completely new and expanded website that is the central location for everything you need to know about LaunchPad!  It displays the products offered, user guides, tutorials, videos, a purchase/buy page, and provides access to the Support Desk, Blog Site, social media networks, and much more.  The website is not only visual with graphics, but rich with valuable information about LaunchPad and its features and benefits.

All of the software products supported by LaunchPad are listed within the “Drafting,” “Drawing” and “Modeling” frameworks that they support and can be viewed on the designated left “tabs” on the webpage.  The “Supported Apps” and “Hardware/Colors” tabs, found on the bottom of the website homepage, highlight the four types of Keypads that are now available, and detail the differences between them.  The site also includes page tabs for “Keymodes,” “Pad Specs,” the current “Software” options and provide in depth information and graphical examples of the LaunchPad Keypad and its functionality .

Statistical information and demonstration examples are also offered that depict and support the input speed and value of using LaunchPad.  This information can be found under the “LaunchPad ROI,” “Key Statistics,” and “Demo Stats” tabs located along the bottom of the website home page.  In these pages, the return on investment is calculated for using LaunchPad, a comparison of keystroke savings and distance input savings is offered, and a demonstration comparison is provided for drawing a bathroom using other methods, and with using LaunchPad.  These pages are a must see for the benefits achieved by using LaunchPad!

A “Feature Matrix” tab is also included, among the bottom tabs on the home page, that summarizes in graph form the various features that are available with each keypad type and the software supported by each.  This one page, “at a glance” chart of information really brings the differences together for the products now available.  It helps users make informed decisions regarding which LaunchPad products are right for them and their individual needs.

Also located throughout the pages on the site are learning and tutorial PDF documents and videos full of helpful information, along with guides for Getting Started, Using the Keypad, and other User Guides for each of the Software Applications supported.  The Getting Started Guide makes installation of the software easy, with step by step instructions and illustrations, and the other guides offer detailed and graphic instructions on using the product as well.  There’s a newly created Support Desk Site for “help” questions from customers with a FAQ section that offers on-going guidance and technical support to Launchpad users.  To complement the guides, a LaunchPad video site is now available on YouTube that will provide instructional and tutorial videos on using the product.

A Purchase screen has also been added to the website that allows for the products to be purchased safely and securely online through PayPal.  This online purchasing option provides increased convenience for our customers, and most major credit cards are accepted, along with a PayPal purchase option.  It is now simple and easy to make an immediate LaunchPad purchase online.

Visit the LaunchPad Website to further explore the above content offered through the “tabbed” pages referenced on the website home page.

We’re also proud to announce the addition of a LaunchPad Blog Site on the website!  The blog will be used as a forum for interactive sharing of information, ideas, articles, the answering of questions, and for providing status updates on the product, etc.  Click here to go to the Blog Site.

Lastly, LaunchPad is now socially connected!  We are connected to several social media network sites to allow for ongoing contact and communication with and between customers regarding LaunchPad products, services, and the industry in general.  LaunchPad can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, and followed on Twitter.  The Blog Site and Support Desk site are also available.  In addition, the LaunchPad email newsletter can be easily joined, or subscribed to, for regular email updates, promotional offers, and useful information (Join Here).  We want you to stay connected with the LaunchPad community and look forward to hearing from you!  See our social network Links at the bottom of this newsletter to go directly to the sites.

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