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LaunchPad Testimonial

LaunchPad is proud to have a strong following of dedicated users who tell us they could not function or do their work without the use of the LaunchPad Keypad. They have come to realize the benefits, ease of use and overall speed that LaunchPad brings to them in their drafting, drawing, engineering and modeling applications. With this in mind, we currently feature some of our users’ testimonials on the LaunchPad website, They are found under the “Testimonials” tab and highlight a variety of LaunchPad users with different levels of experience.

We wanted to share some of the enthusiasm of our users and decided to feature an occasional testimonial here on the blog so that others can see what the existing users have to say about the product. It truly is a valuable input tool (with built-in software) that increases speed and productivity for users in the architectural, engineering, design and modeling fields.

Here’s what one of our users had to say:

“I have always used LaunchPad with AutoCAD because it is simply the fastest way to input commands. No one can keep up with an accomplished LaunchPad user and, with a relatively small effort, it is easy to become one. Now with the ability to work with SketchUp, Revit and Photoshop, I am using LaunchPad to speed up my work in those applications as well.

My advice: Buy a LaunchPad and use it. If you make the effort to become proficient with it, you will see a huge increase in your productivity and soon enough you will be saying the same thing I have been saying for years: “I couldn’t live without it.””

Tim Reader Tim Reader Design Phoenix, AZ (20 year user)

If you would like to see more testimonials, check out the LaunchPad website!

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